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Todd Haynes 'May December' Official Trailer; Starring Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, and Charles Melton

Our tough-as-nails Chief Film Critic Justin Tanner had resigned himself to 'ninety minutes of aggressive eye rolling' for the modern day musical of "Flora and Son" by filmmaker John Carney. His end of mission report reads, 'Happily, I was wrong.'

What a Rumor! Christopher Nolan’s James Bond Set in the 1960s, Very Faithful to Ian Fleming’s Novels

GQ: Martin Scorsese: “I Have To Find Out Who The Hell I Am”; Now 80, The Legendary Director Is On One Of The Most Creative Runs Of His Career – And Consumed By The Challenges (And Opportunities) Of All That He Has Left To Do

Scorsese on ‘Gangs of New York’: “The Results Weren’t Satisfying”

Denis Villeneuve Calls IMAX “the Future of Cinema”; The New Movie Palace?

Official Trailer for 4K Restoration of 'Victims of Sin' Mexican Film Noir

Watch: A Collection of Rare Teaser Trailers from Across the Decades Past

‘Sicario’ Producers Confirm That A Third Film With Benicio Del Toro Is On The Way

Christine Vachon, Hollywood’s Greatest Anomaly; Legendary producer broke Hollywood barriers, changed American movies, and is behind two of 2023’s best films in 'Past Lives' and' May December'. Her first Oscar nomination is finally in sight: “It would mean an extraordinary amount to me.”

'Fair Play' Official Trailer No.2

William Friedkin's Final Film 'The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial' Official Trailer; All Star Cast Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Clarke, Jake Lacy, Monica Raymund, Lewis Pullman, Jay Duplass, Tom Riley And Lance Reddick

'Fingernails' Official Trailer

In the 80 years since 'Casablanca' premiered, there’s been controversy over the screenplay, behind-the-scenes drama and who was responsible for the movie’s best lines

Respect for for Actor Michael Gambon (1940-2023)

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa Steam Up the Spy Thriller Argylle; Bryce Dallas Howard stars as their creator in director Matthew Vaughn’s send-up of his own action movies: “We’re having fun destroying these tropes"

'Argylle' Official Trailer; A Film for Gun and Cat Lovers

Criterion: The Wet Dreams and Twisted Politics of Erotic Thrillers

Read Why the Chase Sequence In 'What's Up, Doc?' Is The Best Action Scene Ever!

See the San Francisco Car Chase from 'What's Up, Doc?'

'Anatomy of a Fall' Official UK Trailer

Hans Zimmer, the Musical Maestro Has Unveiled His Latest Work For Gareth Edwards' Epic Science-Fiction Story 'The Creator'

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